Evelyn Astegno


Evelyn Astegno was born in Vicenza, Italy, and holds a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Venice, Italy. Since relocating to St. Louis in 2004, she’s been the resident artist of Third Floor Gallery, exhibited nationally, and has participated in live arts and fundraising events.

Painting and drawing have been a way for Astegno to express herself since she was able to hold a pencil. Her works have been described as belonging to a sort of "Magical Realism" as they are tightly tied to the real world, yet immersed in a surreal atmosphere, silent and detached. Her paintings aim to investigate the meaning of existence; Any aspect of reality is linked to a global vision of it. In this way, even the most intricate detail remains unfinished to prevent the risk of becoming self referential and losing its power to connect to other details and to the whole essence.

Her choice of techniques is also determined by the effort to convey the specific message of each work. Astegno has been perfecting the use of traditional pictorial techniques (oils and acrylics, but also charcoals and pastels) through the years, while experimenting with other materials and supports.

Astegno’s inspiration comes from the elaboration of various, usually combined, sources. Academic education, travels, readings, world news, personal experiences, dreams and nightmares are elaborated into inner reflections, conscious and subconscious. Usually, different ideas on the same topic, sketched on paper, become integrated in a dynamic and significant composition that, even when complex, doesn’t leave space to unnecessary details. In a way, her paintings can be seen as thoughts translated into images.