Jeremy Rabus


Jeremy Rabus is a painter who lives and works in St. Louis, MO. He has exhibited in several solo and group shows in NYC, Miami, Boston, LA, Atlanta, Columbus, OH, and his hometown of St. Louis. Rabus also serves as a studio facilitator at Living Arts Studio in Maplewood, assisting artists with disabilities.

Jeremy Rabus’ paintings are composed using an intuitive process of layering and excavating. He arranges vivid hues alongside subtle tones, or rich and opaque passages with translucent glazes. These elements overlap, intertwine, and accentuate each other.

As the piece evolves, Rabus grinds into the layers with a power sander, revealing new textures, early brushstrokes, and stunning color “conversations” which tell the painting’s story of its making. Every painting orchestrates the elements of imagery- hue, contrast, space, texture, and contour into an immersive optical experience in the final piece.


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