Charles Houska


Pop-artist Charles Houska (pronounced House-ka) has been a working artist for more than 20 years, and now has his own studio/gallery, Houska Gallery, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, Houska earned a bachelor’s degree in art/visual communication from Illinois State University in 1987, and worked as a graphic designer in Chicago for a few years. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his own art was connecting with people, so he moved back to Springfield to work more on his paintings, gradually moving on to St. Louis.

In addition to his paintings on canvas, Houska paints murals and billboards, and his art has appeared in a variety of forms, from credit cards to city mass transit buses to even an Illinois license plate. Major corporations, including St. Louis Metro, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Herman Miller HQ, Absolut Vodka, and BoS Bank of Springfield, have commissioned Houska to create artwork for their specific needs. Houska also markets a line of merchandise, which includes iPhone cases, greeting cards, art mugs, and much more at his online store:

Perhaps one of Houska’s favorite projects is his work with school-age children through a program he calls Houskaballoo, in which he collaborates with students on mural projects in their schools. Houska also involves himself with charitable organizations, especially those dealing with animals, such as PAWS, Stray Rescue, and The Humane Society.

Charlie’s work and store can be found at