_Eclectic Awakening_  36x36  $1250  acrylic on canvas.jpg
_1970_s Man 1-12_  6x6  $75  acrylic on canvas(1).jpg
_Silverback_  40x40  $3800.jpg
_Sean_  18x24  $825  oil on panel.jpg
_Blue Switched-Axis Cane Bowl_  5.75x10x10  $400  glass.jpg
_Exercising at the Telepathy Convention_  23x19  $395.jpg
_Aspen_  45x45  $2850  mixed media on panel.jpg
_Two Million to One_  24x40  $1250  acrylic_paper on panel.jpg
IMG950973001 (1).jpg
_Crow Call_  30x30  $850  acrylic on canvas.jpg
_Foundations in Green_  24x24  $500.jpg
_Convergence_  16x20  $375  large-format silver gelatin photograph.jpg
_Ban the Bomb B2_  29X22  $900.jpg
18x22  $295.jpg
_Play Date_  58x72  $4200.jpg
It Hurts to Be Here.jpg
_Mannequin_  12x12  $350.jpg
_Thermal Autumn (Neighborhood 9C - Parkview in U-City)_  56x43  $1250.jpg
Rabus_Thoughts Even Have Colors.jpg
_Saints Purr-serve Us_  48_ x 60_  $1450  acrylic on canvas.jpg
_Blue, Brown, White Vase_  $595  ceramic.jpg
_Spatial Environs_ #4_  20_ x 16_  $375  latex & acrylic on paper.jpg
_The Donut Drive-In_  16x16  $650  acrylic on panel.jpg
_Lincoln_  48x48  $1750.jpg
_Striped Shirt_  33.5x26  $550.jpg
_#48_  48x60  $2400.jpg
_Maldito Gato 3_  24x24  $450  acrylic on canvas.jpg
_Evening Barbie_  32x48  $2450  photograph.jpg
_Holy Bird_  31 1_2_ x 31 1_2_  $1400.jpg