Cory Sellers


Cory Sellers’ work deals primarily with the investigation of space. He’s greatly interested in pictorial drama and illusionism within that space, while also pushing the qualities of paint. Sellers wants the viewer to luxuriate in the rich luscious paint applied, as well as the speed and mark making that takes place. Certain features get manipulated or exaggerated; this continues until he feels the composition has developed its own characteristics, reminding himself that the finished product does not have to look like the initial intention. The space that the forms live in has a certain feel of solitude, which Sellers believes goes along with the mystery. Not always real, this is a contradiction which adds to the complexity of the painting. The image, space, and interaction of playful forms and placement are what interests him, and he intends to explore these interactions with no regret. 

Cory lives and works in the St. Louis area. He received his BFA in Studio Arts from McKendree University in 2007, and his MFA in Painting and Drawing from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, in 2011. He teaches Art and Art History as an Adjunct Professor at many St. Louis area colleges, and has exhibited his work throughout southern Illinois, St. Louis, Chicago, and New York City. He has works in private and public collections nationally and internationally.